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The Ojai Pottery and Clay School is a fully equipped professional studio. Work is fired in a Cone 10 gas kiln. The studio also has an electric kiln, firing at Cone 7, for more delicate sculptural work.


There are nine electric wheels, a wedging table, and several spacious hand-building tables. Students are expected to bring their own tools, which can be stored in the studio for the duration of class sessions. Some tools can be purchased at the studio.

A wide variety of glazes are available and are mixed in the studio. There is a spray booth set up behind the building. Students who intend to spray are required to bring their own equipment.

Firings typically take place every Tuesday when class is in session and alternate weekly between bisque and glaze firings.

Although the studio is professionally cleaned on a regular basis, students are expected to clean their work area after class and studio hours. A deep cleaning day is scheduled between sessions and students are encouraged to participate.

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