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Sgraffito Workshop

with Genie Thomsem


Sunday July 2, 2023

10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Registration fee: $100.

Includes Gourmet Luncheon


This event is limited to 15 people.

Signups are first come, first served.

Come join acclaimed teacher Genie Thomsen for a fun, creative day learning the sgraffito technique of decorating pottery. You will come to the workshop with a leather-hard piece which has two coats of underglaze or colored slip painted on. Also bring a template of the design you want to use for carving.


Your clay body should be smooth, as gritty clays are hard to carve. Choose a background color that works with your design. If using slips, don’t apply too thickly as this makes carving more difficult. Apply one coat of underglaze or slip the day before the workshop, and cover with plastic when the piece is dry enough. Let it sit overnight and apply the second coat an hour or two before carving. You can do this at the workshop.


Design ideas: You can draw freehand designs on your piece or use a template to trace the design onto the clay. Pinterest is a good place to find images to print and cut out ahead of time.


A variety of tools can be used to carve out the design.Mini ribbon carving tools, seen on the left side of the photo come in a triangular, round and square shape. You also need a pencil, a fluffy brush for removing clay crumbs, a small paint brush and a hand towel for catching crumbs.

OPCS requires attendees to be fully vaccinated. Proof of full vaccination will be checked on arrival at the workshop.


Questions can be texted to 805.746.5657.

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