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Sunday March 24, 2024

9:00am – 1:00pm

Ojai Pottery and

Clay School

112 Fox Street, Ojai


$75 per person

10 students maximum



Coffee and light refreshments will be provided.


Making Little Boxes with Karen McAuley


Spend a morning in OPCS’s bright airy studio learning to make unique little boxes out of flexible clay slabs. These small containers can be functional or purely decorative. 5 lbs. of clay, templates, and some basic tools will be provided. You may want to bring your own stamps, texture materials and favorite handbuilding tools, as well. Karen will show each step in the making process from rolling out thin even slabs, drawing template patterns, applying texture, and finally cutting and folding the clay into boxes of different shapes and sizes.   


As you work, you will learn techniques for beveling edges, securing attachments, and tailoring lids that fit.  These skills along with knowing the secrets of managing the amount of moisture in your clay are useful in almost every handbuilding project!


Karen will share her experiments with creating new box shapes and adding decorative details.  She will also show how to finish twice-fired boxes with glaze and oxides, and paint bisque ware with acrylics. By the workshop’s end you will have completed at least two boxes ready to take home to fire and finish on your own, or you may have OPCS bisque your pieces to be picked up between 1 and 4 PM on March 29th. 


We look forward to having you with us!    

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